• Future 3D team celebrates Lantern Festival

    The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival because the first lunar month is called yuan-month and in the ancient times people called night Xiao. The 15th day is the first night to see a full moon. So the day is also called “Yuan Xiao Festival “in China.

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  • Future 3D Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

    Shenzhen, China-Future 3D will be temporarily out of work from Jan 25th to February 6th to celebrate the Chinese lunar New Year holiday.

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  • Future 3D participates in the recording of CCTV's "Path of Innovation" again after “CCTV News”

    Shenzhen, China-Future 3D was broadcasted by CCTV in “CCTV News”when headquartered in Nanshan Science and Technology Park in 2019. Today, invited by "Path of Innovation", we were participated in the recording again.

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  • Internal Training and Team Development in Future 3D

    It's the right time of sowing in spring. Future 3D/GetD organized a 3-day internal training and team development from March 5th to 8th in shenzhen China. Team development based on several teamworking games. We learned how to work toget her as a team for maximazing advantages of each individuals. Every one is got smile face in this happy day!

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  • The Belt and Road Forum of Film Technology & GetD’s 10th anniversary

    On Dec 9th, The Belt and Road Forum of Film Technology was held at Shenzhen China by Shenzhen Future 3D and China Theatre Equipment Association Under China Film Distribution &Exhibition Association. It’s an international communication for film technology. Future 3D invited guests from north America, Europe, South Africa ,India and China.Industrial colleagues from all over the world exchanged the current situation of cinema industry and challenges faced. 

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  • Future 3D 2014 year-end cocktail party

    Welcome To Take Part in Future 3D 2014 Year end Cocktail Party. Thank you very much for attending "3D Smart, Creat Brilliant Future" cocktail party on 7th of Feb 2015, which held in Baolilai Hotel. It is the first innovated party of Future 3D to celebrate the Chinese traditional Spring Festival, which totally different other company. Congratulations to the party. (Peter, CEO of GetD, Customer representative, Supplier representative Champagne pagoda

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